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10 things to know
before you build a swimming pool
in australia

With Lou Hurll

Enjoying a swimming pool with your children and friends is the epitome of the Australian lifestyle. But with so many choices available to you, how do you get started on the pool building or renovation journey, knowing that you’re getting the best value for your money and the choices you want? 

We’ve put together some of the first questions you might ask when building or renovating a pool and before you know it you’ll have a pool that you and your family will love.

And we’ve done the hard work for you, researching and interviewing pool industry experts, so you can have the answers at your fingertips in The Stylish Life Pools Couse!

Let’s get started with the obvious questions first…

This SPASA award winning pool is from Freedom Pools in NSW. Learn from Lucas from Freedom pools inside The Stylish Life Pools Course.

is it worth it to put in a pool?

Everyone loves the idea of a swimming pool but is it really worth the cost and effort?

The benefits for your families lifestyle are many, relaxation, exercise and a good excuse to spend more time with your kids. For many families, having a pool is a lifestyle choice that they can’t do without, so the cost and time spent on maintenance is well worth it. Especially if you have the space and kids or young teenagers, you’ll love your swimming pool and wonder why you didn’t put it in sooner!

Make your pool something special, with great design, water features, lighting and a superb entertaining area. Water features in this pool come from Cooke Industries. 

how long do inground pools last?

If you’re wondering how long your inground pool will last, perhaps you’re asking how long it will last before you’ll need to do some significant maintenance. You wouldn’t be surprised to be updating your kitchen due to changing styles and tastes every 20 years, and the same applies to your swimming pool, except with good design and careful choices, you’ll find it lasts a lot longer than that before you need to do a bit pool renovation.

Of course there’s always maintenance that’s required for your swimming pool and the cost can vary, depending on what you’re maintaining in your pool. After about 10 years you’ll be looking at resurfacing a concrete pool (a tiled pool will last longer).

Other equipment in your pool like a cleaner is likely to need maintenance every two or three years and you can take a pressure, suction or robotic cleaner into your pool maintenance shop to keep it in top shape, meaning it should last you five to ten years if well loved. 

Learn about pool water features for your Australian pool with Cooke Industries, who installed these stunning water features!

how much does a pool cost in australia in 2020?

Fibreglass pools cost from $40,000 and are especially suited for simple installations and sandy sites. They’re quick to install too taking only a matter of weeks rather than months. Fibreglass pools are a great options if you’re putting in a pool on a budget and are happy with a standard shaped pool.

how much does a fibreglass pool cost?

In Australia a swimming pool will cost between $40,000 and $100,000 depending on the specifications that you choose for your pool. 

how much does a concrete pool cost?

Fibreglass pools cost from $40,000 and are especially suited for simple installations and sandy sites. They’re quick to install too taking only a matter of weeks rather than months. Fibreglass pools are a great options if you’re putting in a pool on a budget and are happy with a standard shaped pool.

Choosing a concrete pool is a great option, especially if you’re looking for something a little different in your pool, want a more exclusive look or if you have a trickier site with different levels to deal with. Starting at around $70,000, concrete pools in Australia come with many options that can affect the price of your pool. Many families love a spa as part of their pool build and then there’s fully tiled options to give a really premium look. 

Add on features such as in-floor cleaning and heating your pool can really make the pool a lifestyle choice that’s easy to maintain and swim ready for many more months of the year than a standard pool. 


Allow your imagination to run wild with a concrete pool. We love the stone edging on this pool from Newtech Stone & Marble in NSW.

what's in a pool budget?

Getting a quote from your pool builder is most people’s first step. But making sure you know what you want in your pool so your pool builder can quote on your choices, is a great way to ensure your pool budget doesn’t blow out!

Knowing that all your options are included in your budget is really important, so you get the pool you want, that’s easy to maintain and great to live with so you can get the most out of your pool.

So what needs to be in your pool budget? Here’s our summary:

          Understand what you need for certification of your pool and council approvals

          You might need specialised reports such as arborists reports.

          Knowing what your pool cleaning options are is really important because some options can’t be added once the pool has been installed.

          Heating options to ensure you can use the pool on the shoulder seasons and get the most from your investment.

          You’ll need to decide on your water sanitization, such as salt, chlorine, mineral or ionization.

          Don’t forget fencing around your pool and ensuring that it meets your local council and state rules.


          And would you like to entertain around your pool? Then make sure you’ve got your hard and soft landscaping included in your pool budget. These costs can double the cost of your pool and it’s worth knowing what you want so you can make a wise investment that will last the life of your pool. 


Adding an entertaining area to your pool can double your budget, but just think of the great times you’ll have with your family and friends in this area, extending the use of your garden all year round. This stunning entertaining area and pool was designed by Site Design Studios in Sydney.

what's better: salt or chlorine?

We love this question because it’s usually one of the first questions your mates will ask you about your pool! It’s funny how important this is to people, yet, a chlorine pool actually uses a salt water chlorinator to make chlorine, and a well managed chlorine pool won’t be smelling like chlorine anyway, so both are great options….

And we should be really asking whether you have a mineral pool or a natural pool too!

What’s a mineral pool and does a mineral pool have chlorine? Absolutely! Regardless of the pool water sanitisation that you choose, there will always need to be some level of chlorine in your pool to keep it safe to swim in. It’s just that some options have more chlorine than others.

In an ionised pool, you’ll find it uses age old techniques such as copper and silver to help keep the water free of germs, but there’s still a small amount of chlorine added to keep the water sparkling!


At the end of the day, the choice of pool water you choose will depend on how you use the pool and what your families requirements are. 


Another Site Design Studios design in NSW, showing that there’s much more to your pool than just the water! 

how much does it cost to maintain a swimming pool?

The cost to maintain a swimming pool really depends on the pool design, age and equipment that’s installed. Advances in swimming pool technology over the past five years have really helped to reduce the cost of maintaining a pool.

The first reduction in costs thanks to this new technology is the reduction in electricity costs to run the pumps thanks to variable speed pumps, used for filtration and heating of the pool. We also see people using solar panels to help keep their electricity costs down and make your swimming pool more affordable.

The second great way to keep your pool maintenance costs down is with automated chemical testing and dosage systems. These work by testing the pool water as it circulates through the filtration system, checking whether chemicals need to be added and adding these chemicals automatically. It costs considerably more in chemicals to bring a pool back than keeping it at optimum levels, so using automated dosage systems in your pool is a great way of achieving the perfect water.


Another way that technology is keeping costs of pool maintenance down is robotic and in-floor cleaning systems. Both are low cost and low fuss ways of cleaning your pool that do an amazing job. Yes, they’re a little pricier on the outset, but the ongoing savings on these systems over years of ownership will mean they pay for themselves, and will take less time and inconvenience for you to help you maintain your pool.


Creating a swimming pool that’s an extension of your new build in Australia means embracing the natural environment and building something amazing for your family’s future. This gorgeous build is by Freedom Pools who build across Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions.

how to engage a pool builder

Before you take the plunge and jump in with a pool builder (excuse the pun!), make sure you know what you want in your pool. Most pool builders can accommodate your choices but it’s important that you are leading the process and know what you want included, so the quote you receive reflects what you want in the pool (rather than what the pool builder would like to build for you!).

Here’s some pointers that we’ve found useful when choosing a pool builder:

          Make a list of all the options and upgrades you want in your pool and ask your pool builder to itemize them in the quote.

          Know where you want to put the pool in your garden and the look and style of pool that you’d like.

          Ensure you get three quotes from pool builders who build the type of pool you’re looking for.

          Know what is and what isn’t included in those quotes and what you need to add.

          Make sure the quotes reflect your choices including your pool and external finishes, cleaning and heating options, upgrades and pool fencing.

          Don’t forget to add a budget allocation for hard and soft landscaping.


Asking the right questions of your pool builder and knowing how to engage them is covered in a whole module of The Stylish Life Pools Course. Not only can you save over $5,000 in upgrades and bonuses, you can also save time and headaches because we’ve done all the research for you, so you can easily decide what’s the right pool, finishes, fixtures and options for your perfect family swimming pool.


It’s a pool with a view… See how the dark pool tiles create a reflective surface that mirrors the stunning view? Choosing the right finishes, colours and fixtures is what you’ll learn inside The Stylish Life Pools Course. This pool is by Freedom Pools in NSW. 

is a pool worth it?

The hundred thousand dollar question: is a pool worth it? 

It really depends on how you and your family like to live. Adding a swimming pool to your home in is a lifestyle choice for many Australian families that allows you to enjoy time with your family and friends and relax in the comfort of your own backyard! 

The cost of the pool and the ongoing maintenance of the pool are often part of the investment of the home and are a lifestyle choice that can’t be lived without.

Making the decision to build a pool or renovate your swimming pool is something that it’s worth taking the time to consider. The best tip we can give you is to know what you want in your pool before you dive in to the process. What water, heating, finishes, fixtures and equipment will give you a pool that’s easy to maintain, great to live with and bring endless joy to your kids and family?


Knowing what you want and making sure it fits your budget, is the best way to make sure your pool building process leaves you with a pool you’ll love! It’s absolutely worth it!


This is our dream Sydney pool! Stunning design work by the folks at Site Design Studio has created a perfect relaxing area to enjoy with family and friends, while watching the world go by in the luxury paradise.


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We’ll help you:

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          Know what water cleaning and sanitisation you want for your pool.

          Understand your heating options such as gas, electricity and solar, and why you should choose one over the other.

          Ask the right questions of your pool builder and your pool builder’s referees!

          Get the pool that you want, without the headache.

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