4 steps to Design a
Classic Hamptons Living Room​

The classic Hamptons look is not filling your living room with all your curiosities, but rather picking and choosing the more unique pieces along with adding pieces that are essential to the look, such as ginger jars and luxe textures. Bree Petherbridge, co-founder of Style My Home designed a living room in-store and discussed the four key elements that can be found in a classic Hamptons living room. 

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#1 Blue-and-White Ginger Jar​

Ginger jars are central to Bree’s design and anchors the entire look. The ginger jars are surrounded by two white ceramic vessels, adding symmetry, which is vital to the classic Hamptons look.

#2 Classic Coffee Table

The Classic Coffee Table Bree selected for the space gives the look focus and structure. The table’s Grecian profile is complemented by the Greek key pattern that can be found on the blue velvet cushions. The weathered oak finish is both relaxing and comforting.

#3 Bookcase & Rug​

If you travel often, showcasing your treasures in a bookcase like the one that Bree has chosen is the perfect way to introduce the classic Hamptons look in your living room. Bree has styled this bookcase with mixed metals, such as gold and nickel. She advises that the classic Hamptons look never uses distressed features. The rug is what pulls the entire look together with its subtle muted tones that complement the fabrics, cushions and the curiosities found on the bookcase.

#4 Blending Textures​

The classic Hamptons living room blends rich textures, such as velvet and linen, gorgeous fabrics and natural curiosities, such as coral, barnacles and driftwood. Also, common to the style are potted indoor plants and vases filled with flowers, such as magnolias, orchids and hydrangeas.

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