How to look GREAT on ZOOM calls!

Hi I’m Louise stylish life and today I’m going to show you our tips on how to look great on zoom calls!

Zoom calls seems to be the latest fad thanks to the Corona virus and you’ve probably found yourself downloading the app and learning how to use the technology over the past few weeks, whether it’s to chat with friends or hold work meetings, you want to look your best on the call. It might be the first time people are getting a glimpse inside your home and you want to make sure they get the right impression and aren’t looking at your washing and mess in the background!

And if you’re using zoom to hold online consultations because you can’t do them face to face, then it’s even more important to look your best and ensure the room and audio reflect you and your business in the best light! At stylish life we’ve made  over 100 videos over the past 12 months, for our online courses, digital magazine and for are Facebook group, so we know a think or two about making sure you look great on camera!

5 key things that will help you look great on zoom calls

1. setting the CAMERA ANGLE for zoom calls

Firstly you want to avoid shaky footage, so don’t walk around with your camera or attempt to hold it up in your hand – find somewhere to sit it up against some books or on a desk. 

The optimal position for the camera is around eye level. You don’t want to be looking down at the camera, because you’ll be creating extra neck wrinkles that nobody wants to see, and you don’t want to be looking up at the camera either.

Keep in mind that Zoom is easier on a laptop as you can see all the participants on one screen, so download the app now so you’re ready to go.

2. getting the best audio for zoom calls

You want to make sure you’re not in an echoey room, try to use a room with carpet or a rug and curtains or wall hangings that won’t allow the sound to reverberate around. You might need to pull in a rug from another room.

Next you want to find the best headphones or microphone that you have. A standard set like the  apple headphones are great because the microphone is in the headphones and will make your audio work much better than using your computers audio. I’d you need to borrow some AirPods from your daughter like I have, then do so, they work great too and you can hide them with your hair!

If you have a lav or lavalier mic, that will have the best audio and you can hide it so it’s not so obvious. Just make sure you’re buying the right one for your computer or mobile phone as the have different connections.

It’s a good idea to play around and test a couple of headphones to hear which is best.

Reliable and clear audio is more important than the picture quality, so spend a bit of time getting this right.

3. lighting for zoom calls

Our best tip is to not use the overhead lighting as your only light source. You’ll be stuck with panda eyes (not a good look)! You may use them for a bit of fill light but they’re definitely not your primary source of light.

The best way to test your light is to take your laptop and move around the room until the light is most flattering, which is usually when  it’s diffused light from a large window.

Then we want to fill in the other side of your face and potentially bounce some light back up from below, this is an extra touch that will dill in the shadows and make the overall picture look better. I use a pad of white paper that I have on my desk but any piece of white card will do

The next two lights are optional but will really make the image really pop. Softer light in you’re background will help separate you from the background and make it look fabulous. We’ve used a small bedside light placed a little off to the side to create a softer light. It can be dimmed so I can choose which level I want and it’s an led light so it won’t get hit and is quite a white light. Pointing it at the back of my head will create this light area around the back of my shoulder and head creating a really flattering line. You can use light from a window to create A similar effect depending on the layout of your room.

The final light is some smaller mood lighting in the background and this can be a warm light. As small lamp is great for this purpose and should be either just out of shot or to your side so it’s visible.

4. BACKGROUND STYLING for zoom calls

First of all, clear out any mess that is visible by the camera (you can hide things closer to you as the camera won’t see this!

Ideally you want to have something interesting behind you, you are looking for something to fill the space and have some colour and interest. You have a couple of prions here:

1. A large piece of artwork. This is best if it’s going to fully cover the area behind you and be interesting. It really doesn’t matter what colour it is however if it’s a busy artwork then maybe consider wearing a white top so you are separated and don’t blend into the artwork.

2. A bookshelf – this needs to be neatly styled without clutter. Quickly remove anything that looks  to busy or personal and keep books that tell a story about you

3. A fabric wall hanging. This has the benefit of also dampening the sound, it won’t bounce off the walls so much and and will ultimately sound better.


Make an effort with your appearance so you look great!

Test it out beforehand, you can do a test zoom call to check your video and audio. Spend the time to make sure it works!

Look at the camera! – turn off you personal view so you’re not distracted by looking at yourself – you already look great!

Remember to smile on your call, and blink, it’s weird if you don’t!

And our final tip is like an Instagram filter inside Zoom, it will take away some of those slight wrinkles!! Here’s how you do it: Click on settings -> video -> touch up my appearance,

and it will soften the focus and give you that fresh faces look we all hope for!

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Now Grab a coffee, plug in your laptop, it’s time look amazing on zoom!

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