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The Hamptons Masterclass

We invite you to join us on the February intake of The Hamptons Masterclass - This is your opportunity to learn how to style your home the way the designers do.

$597 $495 Limited time offer

The next intake starts on 23rd February 2020

hands up if any of these sound familiar?

  • You love the Hamptons style but not sure which 'look' you prefer, and you want a helping hand to make the look work with existing pieces you have that you don't want to replace? Or perhaps you've bought furniture before and it just hasn't worked, and you've had to live with the mistake?
  • You know you want to make a change but are overwhelmed by the choices available online, in-store and in your Insta feed? And you don't have time to spend searching for the right pieces?
  • You know you want the Hamptons look and would love some guidance to make sure you make the right decisions, without hiring an interior decorator?
  • You want a beautiful home that makes you feel wonderful every time you step in the door?

if this sounds like you
then you already know how tricky it can be to create a beautifully styled space ...

that's what inspired us to create this course...

We want to help you learn how to create a beautiful Hamptons inspired home like the designers do, pairing pieces you already have, helping you choose the right style, proportion and creating a cohesive look, to make your home a place you'll love enjoying with family and friends!

  • No more expensive buying mistakes that you'll need to live with for years to come. We'll show you how to plan your look so it's beautiful, works cohesively with your existing decor or creates a brand new start.
  • No more spending all weekend looking for furniture and ending up no better than when you started! We'll show you how to use the tips and tricks the designers use to make sure you know what to buy and where to buy it, plus what to look out for when you're shopping!
  • No more second guessing your decisions. We'll teach you how to make the right decisions and answer your questions along the way. You'll be part of our community of Hamptons lovers who will be on this journey with you to create a beautiful Hamptons inspired home.

thankfully, all of that is behind you...

introducing ...
the hamptons masterclass

The Hamptons Masterclass is the only Hamptons Masterclass in Australia.

We'll teach you have to create your own Hamptons story.

It's a six week on-line course, so you can join us from anywhere!

It's jam packed with practical training, resources and advice on all aspects of styling your personal Hamptons home, from planning, designing and budgeting, to choosing and buying furniture and decor.

It's time to start your own Hamptons story.

Receive the support you need to ensure your rooms are beautifully styled and that you make the right choices, for your budget, style and family!


The Hamptons Masterclass is brought to you by Style My Home and Stylish Life Magazine.

Selena (left) and Bree (right) from Style My Home and Louise (middle) from Stylish Life Magazine

An exclusive Hamptons gift box full of tools to help you create your Hamptons story, plus some other exciting goodies!

An in-store Hamptons workshop on the evening of 21st November in Sydney to held solidify your plans and ideas. Mark your diaries ladies!

Answer those questions that have been holding you back with our expert interior designers and stylists on hand through Q&A's and individual questions.

A private Facebook community just for our Hamptons Masterclass members, where you can receive feedback and support.

course starts — FEBRUARY 2020

what our recent students had to say ...

Tamee, Varrowville

Kerry, Queens Park

Elizabeth, Castle Hill

and here's some more ...

our 5 star reviews


how you'll learn in the masterclass ...

Not only do we provide you with gorgeous videos, downloads and inspiration for your Hamptons journey, we also send you a little gift in the post, which will get you started on your Hamptons journey… You’ll have to see what’s inside the box, it’s super exciting and top secret!

This is where we hold your hand through the process of making design decisions.

Each week we’ll release a new project for you to work your way through. Firstly, we teach you about colour, pattern, texture and using space appropriately. Then we get down to the nitty gritty of laying out your room, measuring your pieces, making a plan and a budget. We show you what to look for when buying furniture and décor, and where to find it.

By the end of the process, you will have planned, designed, budgeted (and potentially bought and styled) your Hamptons inspired rooms, and we can’t wait to see them!

Each week there’s six bite sized videos and downloads to help you through the projects.

Looking for a better understanding of colours, textures and patterns? What better way to get this than in person at our live workshop at the Style My Home store in Chatswood. At this workshop, only available to The Hamptons Masterclass members, our experts will give you greater insight into the products and décor available in the genre. You’ll also receive a shopping voucher to get you started on your journey!

In case you’re unable to make the live event, we’ll film the event and share it with you too.

Need advice and feedback tailored to your specific situation? We hold live fortnightly calls where we answer all your questions and provide individual advice.

Plus you can get answers to questions 24/7 inside our member-only Facebook group.

your weekly projectS ...

  • Learn about the different Hamptons styles
  • Work out which Hamptons style (or combination of styles) is your favourite!
  • Find out how to use scale and proportion in your styling to create beautiful vignettes
  • Learn about colours and work out what works in your home
  • Talk about textures and patterns and work out what will be your hero piece
  • Assessing your space and make some decisions about the layout and furniture items for your room
  • Time to get started with your styling toolkit
  • Learn how to measure up your room, furniture and more (the right way!)
  • Learn the tips and tricks the experts use to create a beautiful mood board
  • And create your own mood board for your beautiful new home
  • ​In depth discussion about the quality, durability and finish of furniture, rugs, tables and chairs, so you’re fully equipped when you start shopping!
  • Finalising your floorplan, measuring up and making sure you have the spaces well organised
  • Discussion about purchasing, what to look for and what to buy, lead times and installation timeframes.
  • Quality, durability, structure and fabrics. This is where you’ll learn to make the right choices first time and save you money in the long run.
  • We’ll talk about buying, storage and delivery, and what to do after you purchase.
  • By now you’ll have finalised your Concept Board, Your Floor Plan and Your Mood Board. You’ll know which items you’ll be keeping and what you want to buy. You’ll have a budget, a shopping list and know the availability of items.

The masterclass will help you ...

We want to help you learn how to create a beautiful Hamptons inspired home like the designers do, pairing pieces you already have, helping you choose the right style, proportion and creating a cohesive look, to make your home a place you'll love enjoying with family and friends!

Create a home that you'll love spending time in with family and friends — it's the lifestyle you want to achieve!

De-mystify the Hamptons genre, understand the key elements of each style and learn to make the right choices to bring your look together.

Choose colours, textures and patterns to create a beautifully cohesive look in your unique style.

Show you what to look for when buying furniture, how to check for quality, durability and design, making sure you don't make costly buying mistakes.

Help you plan your room layout, working with existing furniture and deciding what you need to buy to bring the look together, staying within your budget and timetable

Eliminate the stress of making big styling decisions, by providing a step-by-step road-map to design your rooms the way you want them!

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of Hamptons lovers and experts, supporting each other and offering styling advice.

Become infinitely better at making decisions about colour, texture and style, so you can achieve your beautiful home style more quickly and with less stress!

Understand the rules and tricks the experts use to create beautiful vignettes around your home, that will bring a smile to your face, knowing you've nailed it!

What makes this masterclass different?

rope knot

access to expertise...

We eat, sleep and breathe Hamptons! This course is run by the team at Style My Home, experts in the Hamptons style and our course is the place where you can tap into our extensive expertise.

We've been advising customers on styling their home in the Hamptons style for the past five years, our passion is helping you achieve your look by giving you the tools and confidence you need to achieve the look yourself!

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We dream in Hamptons...

Not only have we decorated our own homes in the Hamptons style, we design, create and import Hamptons inspired products for the Australian market, so we know the look inside out.

From paint colours, here wallpaper, sideboards, tables, sofas, artwork and decor, we'll show you exactly how to choose the right pieces to achieve the look you want in your own home.

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you don't need to be an interior designer...

This course is for people who don't really want to be an interior designer either. You probably have an eye for good style, but would like to improve your understanding.

With the skills, advice and step-by-step information within our course, you'll have the confidence to bring the look together yourself!

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You're not the only one creating a Hamptons inspired look in your home! It's the most popular look along the Eastern coast of Australia at the moment!

Everyone is here in a supportive community to help you make the choices for the right results.

PLUS: Our course includes over $297
in discounts and vouchers
at style my home stores!

Meet the team

Meet (some of) the Sydney Style My Home team! Your hosts for the The Hamptons Masterclass, are Bree (right) and Selena (second from left), supported by an amazing team of Hamptons professionals who know their style genre, and the production and training platform experts from Stylish Life Magazine.

At Style My Home we've spent years guiding homeowners just like you to create the perfect Hamptons style for their homes. With a combined experience of 20+ years in the Hamptons and teaching industries, we've helped thousands of customers bring their Hamptons dreams to life — we have a proven track record of helping great families achieve fantastic results in creating beautiful Hamptons homes.

In 2019 we decided to take all that knowledge and experience and use it to help people just like you to style their homes in the Hamptons style on a bigger scale, and so the Hamptons Masterclass was created.

We are very excited to helpyou work through the ins and outs of creating your own Hamptons look, styling it beautifully and making the right decision so you can achieve the look you want, both on time and on budget!

We welcome you to the Style My Home family with The Hamptons Masterclass!

see our projects ...

as seen in/on ...

we'll also give you ...

Bonus Content

We have a range of bonus content that will help you make decisions about your rooms. In-depth details about finishes, sourcing products and customisation, to name a few.

A Thriving Community

Our community is the hearth of The Hamptons Masterclass and the place to go for all your questions, asking for feedback, gaining support and getting to know other Hamptons lovers!

Beautiful Mood Boards

Use our stock library of Hamptons furniture and decor images to create stunning mood boards for your rooms. We'll step you through the process and you'll be amazed by the results!

Checklists & Cheatsheets

Each week we'll give you checklists, cheatsheets and everything you'll need to get you on your Hamptons styling journey!

All this and much more, ONLY inside The Hamptons Masterclass!

4 day no questions asked,
money back guarantee

When you join The Hamptons Masterclass, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within 4 days of the course start date, just let us know via email and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We're confident that you'll find The Hamptons Masterclass useful, and we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions — if you're not satisfied within your first 4 days, then we'll refund you without any fuss.

the hamptons masterclass

As the first members of our course, our intention is to WOW you with the value we deliver! But just to help make the decision a little easier, for a limited time we're offering a $100 discount on our normal price of $597.

We have limited spaces in our first course, so secure your place now!

PLUS: Our course includes over $297
in discounts and vouchers
at style my home stores!


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hassle-free 4-day
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Price is in AUD and includes postage for members based in Australia. If you are based overseas, you are welcome to join us in The Hamptons Masterclass, however there will be an additional postage charge for your Hamptons gift box.

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not sure if
the hamptons masterclass
is for you?

who the hamptons masterclass is for:

  • People who love the Hamptons style and are looking to create a Hamptons inspired look in their living room, dining room or bedroom. The principles and ideas we teach apply to other areas of the home, but we really focus on these areas in the course.
  • People who have an idea for what they want to create, but just need a a plan and a helping hand to bring the look together.
  • People who are action takers who aren't just going to watch some videos and never get around to making decisions. We provide the training and inspiration, but you still need to do the planning and execution.

frequently asked questions

In the course we’ll be looking a five of the main styles in the Hamptons genre that are popular in Australia. We’ll show what makes the style and help you develop your own style (or styles) to write your own Hamptons story.

We can help bring the pieces you have, along with perhaps a few new pieces, to refresh and improve the styling of the spaces that you have.  You’ll learn more about the Hamptons genre, what makes various styles and how to bring the look together, cohesively and with your own signature look. However, if your home is already beautifully styled and you don’t think you want to make any changes, then this course may not be what you’re looking for.

We know you’re busy — So we want to make sure you can work your way through the course at a sensible pace with out feeling overwhelmed. So we’ve split our the course into short video lessons and will release these to you each day. 

Don’t worry if you miss a day, you can easily catch up another day or at the weekend!

We don’t want to overwhelm you, but you’ll want to commit at least one hour a week to the Masterclass. Think of it as time to give yourself the opportunity to design, plan and finalise your beautiful Hamptons home.

Our Masterclass content is kept ready for you in our portal for when you return from holidays or are dealing with daily life!

You’ll have access to the class and content for six months, so plenty of time to catch up and carry on!

This is an online course with a physical component. All the course material will made available via our portal, you’ll be able to log in and follow along. It’s super easy and we’ve got extra bonus goodies that you’ll love, such as our exciting Hamptons gift box and our live event held in week five of the course — a great opportunity to meet with us in-store and learn more in person!

The course is designed to give you the tools and ideas to create your own styling designs. You’ll have plenty of support along the way. Join our private Facebook group for support and feedback from our Hamptons community and you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions to us to answer questions via our portal. Please note though, that we cannot actually design your styled home. If you’re looking for a one-on-one design service, contact the ladies at Style My Home and they will be able to assist.

Well, for starters we have an amazing 66% discount that won’t be offered again! It’s only $197 for this course, so you’ll be saving money by doing it now, rather than later!

Also, you’ll be receiving trade discounts at Style My Home when you complete the course to help you complete your Hamptons home!

Unfortunately we can’t help with advice on renovating or building your home. For example, we’re not covering window treatments, permanent fixture selections like tiles, flooring or skirting boards, renovation advice, trade or installation recommendations.

We want to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of The Hamptons Masterclass, so please make sure you’ve read our FAQ’s and ‘Who this course is not for’ sections before proceeding. 

We also have a hassle-free, 7 day money back guarantee, so you’ll have the chance to get a full refund for seven days from the start date of the course!

If you’re really unhappy, let us know within seven days of the start date, as after then we’re afraid that we can’t offer any further refunds.

If you receive a refund on the course, unfortunately you will no longer have access to the content.

We provide you with six months’ access to the content in the Hamptons Masterclass, but you can also download our checklists and pdf’s along the way so you can ensure you’ve got everything you need to continuing styling with confidence.

If there's anything else you're not sure about, or you have any questions or concerns, please email us at admin@thehamptonmasterclass.com and we'll help you out!

the hamptons masterclass

PLUS: Our course includes over $297
in discounts and vouchers
at style my home stores!

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All prices in AUD.

Price is in AUD and includes postage for members based in Australia. If you are based overseas, you are welcome to join us in The Hamptons Masterclass, however there will be an additional postage charge for your Hamptons gift box.


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