If you’re planning a swimming pool, this course will save you time, money and make sure you choose the right pool for your family.

Get access to our Pool Partner discounts and save thousands on your pool build.

Are you sure you know what you want?

  • Do you know what you want from your pool? The extras that will make it easy to maintain, cost efficient and allow your family to enjoy the pool more?
  • Do you REALLY know the full cost of your pool build? Is everything you want and need included in your quote?
  • Do you know your options when it comes to water sanitation (that's salt, chlorine, mineral and ionised water)?
  • Are you relying on what your pool builder recommends or do you want to choose a builder based on the pool that you want? And how will you know?
  • Do you want to heat your pool and get the most from your investment? Do you know which type of heating will work best for your family?
  • What about design, colours, finishes or add on's that create the look and feel that you want? How are you making those decisions?
  • And do you know what to ask for when you're engaging your pool builder? How will you make sure everything is covered?

designed for home owners

Know what you want in your pool build before you even engage a builder.

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on their pool build, only to find out that they would have chosen different water, heating or finishes if they'd known more.

That's why we've created an online course that brings together pool industry experts sharing their decades of knowledge to make sure you can make fully informed decisions about your pool.

  • Understand your choices and decide what's right for you and your family (not just what your pool builder likes)
  • Don't miss out on options because you didn't know about them until it was too late
  • Know what to ask your pool builder and make sure it's the right builder for your pool!
  • Ensure you have everything covered so you aren't met with any nasty surprises! And unlock our Pool Partner discounts to keep your budget on track.

Join now for an exclusive introductory price of $349, you get access to 6 value packed modules

design & purpose


Consider the design and layout of your pool so it best fits the way your family will use the space with our expert landscape designer.

Think about the look and feel of your pool area and what you can include to get the style you want through design and landscaping.

Our expert pool builder explains why a concrete or fibreglass pool will best suit your site.



Discover your interior finish options such as fully tiled, quartz and pebble, and we'll help you choose your pool water colour too.

See our experts explain the stone and tile options for outside your pool and how to choose so you get the look you want.



Work out if you want salt, chlorine, mineral or a freshwater pool.
Then choose your heating so it works the most efficiently for your family.
Understand what you need to keep your pool clean with some of the best cleaning options available.



Make sure you have everything in your budget so you find any nasty surprises or realise later that you've missed something.

We'll run you through the extras and inclusions so you know you've got everything checked off!



Time to engage your pool builder and make sure they answer all your questions. Understand the certification requirements, the build process, timeframes and how to engage a pool builder.

pool discount


Here's where you can save thousands on your pool build by unlocking our Pool Partner bonuses!

Now it's time to get your pool project started!

unlock our pool partners discounts
worth over $2,000!

We interviewed pool industry experts to give you the full story, so you don't have to! Our course is full of short, easy to watch, video interviews with our pool partners. And what's more, they're all giving you discounts or bonuses that will make your pool building process easier and less expensive!

$500 pool builder discount

$395 bonus ioniser
rod set

$400 3D design upgrade

$150 off pool blanket box kit

$150 pump & filter box cover

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join our waitlist now to secure an introductory price of $349!

how does the course work?

All the course materials, downloads, vouchers and instructions are provided in our members only website. You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace as soon as you sign up.  

Each module includes several short video lessons. Downloadable PDF worksheets to step you through your decisions and giving you all the checklists and questions to ask your pool builder.

Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get support

Over $2.000 in discounts and coupons to help reduce the cost of your pool build

Additional Q&A videos to make sure we’re answering all your questions

who is this course for?


Home owners who want a backyard swimming pool. Maybe you've owned a pool before but maybe not.

If you aren't in the pool industry, you probably aren't up to date with the latest in pool technology, you may not know why you should choose one water or heating type over another, and what to ask your pool builder for, before you sign on the dotted line.

If you want to make sure you get a pool that best suits your family's needs and budget, this course is for you.

new builds

Are you planning a pool in your new build? Do you know when you need to make the choices about your pool?

Well it's right now, before you get started.

The first thing that'll happen is the digging of your pool, so you'll need to make some big decisions very quickly.

If you want the knowledge and advice to make sure you're making the right choices, then you've come to the right place!

who is this course not for?

Unless you're planning a new pool, a pool refurbishment or an upgrade to your pool equipment or heating, you probably won't get full value from this course. We don't cover the ongoing maintenance of the pool inside this course.

It's really aimed at people who intend to get a home swimming pool and want to make informed decisions so they end up with a pool they love!

meet lou HURLL


Lou Hurll is Editor at Stylish Life Magazine and Founder of The Stylish Life Project. Lou and the team at Stylish Life team are bringing video e-learning to Australian homeowners to help them create more stylish lives, the easy way!

Back in 2017 Lou and her husband put in a swimming pool in their Sydney home. It’s a concrete pool with chlorine water and waterline tiles.


Not really. Having lived overseas for many years and never owning a swimming pool before, we really put their trust in the pool builder to help us make the decisions about the pool. Yes, we did a bit of research, but online research can be disjointed and it’s hard to get the full picture.

We were reliant on our pool builder to give us good advice and were lucky enough that they did guide them to make some really excellent choices (particularly with our backwash system!


Absolutely. The major changes would be a change in the design which still bugs me, and I would have liked to have made more informed choice on the pool water.

Had we known more about what our options were, and what all the inclusions and exclusions were, we definitely would have made some different choices. 

We love our pool, but in researching for this course I’ve found out there’s better options for our family. And who knows, maybe we’ll retro-fit some of those options soon too

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you join Stylish Life Pools, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received amazing value in the course and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first 48 hours of joining, just let us know via email and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through. We're confident that you'll find Stylish Life Pools well worth it!

frequently asked questions

We cover concrete and fibreglass pools and all types of water (chlorine, salt, mineral, freshwater). We don’t cover natural pools (the ones where nature does the filtering)

We also don’t cover vinyl pools or stand-alone spas.

No, this pool covers all the options that you’ll need to know when choosing a pool for your home.

It does not cover the maintenance of a pool after installation. 

You will have access to the full course as soon as you sign up, so you can binge-watch it or watch it over a number of weeks or months.

The course is split up into six project, so you can sensibly work your way through the content in an organised way.

We’ll be adding more video Q&A’s to the course and private Facebook group on an ongoing basis too.

We don’t want to overwhelm you, but you’ll want to commit at least one hour for each project in the course. Think of it as time to give yourself the opportunity to understand, plan and choose the best options for what is possibly one of the biggest purchases of your life after your family home! 

Our course content is kept ready for you in our portal for when you return from holidays or are dealing with daily life!

You’ll have access to the class and content for twelve months, so plenty of time to follow it through when you’re ready.

This is an online course. All the course material will be made available via our portal, you’ll be able to log in and follow along.

The course is designed to give you the information and advice to make decisions about your pool build. You’ll have plenty of support along the way. Join our private Facebook group for support and feedback from our pool building experts and community. 

We don’t offer one-on-one support (except for technical advice if you’re having any tech issues with the course). But our industry partners are happy to give advice and their contact details are all easily available within the course portal.

We want to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of Stylish Life Pools, so make sure you’ve read all the FAQ’s before getting started. 

We also have a hassle-free, 48 hour money-back guarantee, so you’ll have the chance to get a full refund for 2 days after you buy the course!

If you receive a refund on the course, unfortunately you will no longer have access to the content and the discount vouchers will no longer be valid.

We provide you with twelve months’ access to the content in the Stylish Life Pools, so you’ll have everything you need to choose your pool with confidence.

If there's anything else you're not sure about, or you have any questions or concerns, please let us know below and we'll help you out!

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