video transcript - The online pools course
from the stylish life project

With Lou Hurll

Join Nat and Lou from The Stylish Life Project discussing the swimming pools online course, that helps you save time, money and stress when building or renovating a new pool.  

Nat: Hi everyone, its Nat and Lou from Stylish Life. We thought we’d actually have a quick cuppa and chat to you guys, give you a bit of a background about The Stylish Life Project, where it’s been, where it’s going, and just a little bit of information. Lou tell me a bit about the story behind The Stylish Life Project.

Lou: Well, The Stylish Life Project really is about building your community. Everyone who follows this, they love home interiors, they love style, they love entertaining and that’s what we’ve really done through our online magazine.

Nat: That’s what you started with, yes?

Lou: That is what we started with. That was fantastic because we have been looking at interiors, design and entertaining but also showcasing some local shops and stores, local artists, which has been fantastic and I’ve loved that part.

Nat: Yes, me too, we’ve got a lot of positive feedback about that and we love supporting local and Australian.

Lou: We’ve really branched from that and we’ve created the Stylish Life Project Facebook group, in which you and Becc have been fantastic.

Nat: We love doing it.

Lou: And providing those weekly tips and tricks that have been fantastic. What we’ve really found is that lots of people have been asking us bigger questions about some of those big investment decisions. Maybe you need new sofas or you want to buy new furniture for your house, or you want to put in a new kitchen or bathroom.

Nat: Those big investments.

Lou: -or maybe a swimming pool.  So really big investments that you’re making, and ensuring you are making some really informed decisions along the way. Where do you get your advice from? How do you know what your choices are? How do you bring all that together? You ensure that what you’re ending up with at the end, the end product, is really suitable for your family, the way your family lives, it’s also beautiful and it’s really stylish.

Nat: Yes, absolutely. All that’s pretty good.

Lou: That’s really led us on to creating online courses. I think that with Corona everyone’s getting much more comfortable with that sitting at home.

Nat: Absolutely.

Lou: –looking at things on their phone or on laptop.

Nat: Everyone’s seeing online so differently now.

Lou: That’s right. It doesn’t need to be live, in person, anymore. We can really create that connection with you through video and as you know, I love video. It can be a little bit daunting at times, getting in front of the camera.

Nat: That’s where you make that connection, with you guys it’s a visual thing, everyone’s visual.

Lou: Yes, that’s right. It is fantastic because it’s on-demand. You can have it on your iPhone sitting at home on the sofa and fitting it in around your family.

Nat: Yes, that’s it. That’s the important thing. Exactly because everyone is so busy and we totally understand that we’ve all got families. I mean, even if you don’t have a family, life is just so chaotic.

Lou: It is, it is. We’re trying to fit in so much.

Nat: Yes, we really do. Well, now next question is actually about the pool course which there’s a massive buzz about it. Tell me what brought you to create the pool course? Because I actually have not seen anything like that, to be honest, I’ve had a bit of a search Lou and there isn’t one.

Lou: There isn’t. There really isn’t. There is a lot of information out there about swimming pools, and I think it’s quite a fragmented market. There’s lots of different pool builders, lots of different suppliers out there and we love our swimming pools in Australia. It changes the way you enjoy your home-

Nat: Totally.

Lou: –how your family interacts, how much you enjoy your summer because you can go jump in the pool but also entertain or relax around the pool. I think it really changes the way we live.

Nat: Absolutely.

Lou: Making decisions upfront about your swimming pool and making the right decision is really important to making sure that at the end of the day, the swimming pool you get really fits your needs. It’s really somewhere that you love and that you’re going to love for 15, 20 years, not just for four years and then say, “Gosh, why did I make this decision?”

Nat: Absolutely. Because people often don’t realize how many decisions there are-

Lou: That’s right.

Nat: -with a pool. I mean, you think, “Oh, great, we’ll put a pool in.” But, seriously, take us through how many, there are dozens and dozens of decisions to be made.

Lou: We put up a swimming pool in ourselves three and a half years ago. We had come back from overseas, we honestly had no idea, we’d never owned a swimming pool before. I know a lot of people have owned a swimming pool before but the reality is that technology has moved on so much in the last five years in the pool industry. There’s huge amounts of savings that can be made, not just on the building of your pool, but the long term usage and maintenance of that pool, which is really important. For example, you’re going to need to make decisions about the type of water that you have-

Nat: As salt, as opposed to chlorine?

Lou: –or mineral or ionized.

Nat: Oh, mineral-

Lou: –or ionized.

Nat: -or you could do a combination, right?

Lou: – Yes. You can have a little bit of both. Or heating of your pool which is-

Nat: Heating, I think that’s a massive one.

Lou: Yes. Well, it’s going to extend the use of your pool particularly, in places like Sydney or Melbourne you absolutely need heating.

Nat: Absolutely.

Lou: Maybe not so much as you go further north, but actually did you know you can cool your pool using your heating, so you can actually pump cool water back through it if it’s really hot in the middle of summer.

Nat: Actually to be honest, we don’t need to because we accidentally built our pool too deep.

Lou: Oh, so it’s always cold?

Nat: It’s always cold, Lou so we need the heater.

Lou: Or cleaning the tiles around the pool….

Nat: Even just pool cleaners. There so many.

Lou: Yes. There are. Then interior finishes and the look of your pool.

Nat: Yes, little tiles or whatever. Or even the stone around the pool. Do you do timber? Do you do– Yes, so much.

Lou: Yes. That’s right. There’s lots of other things. There’s water features, there’s lights for your pool which– When we put our pool I didn’t know about half the options available for these things. We were relying on our pool builder to help us through that process. A pool builder’s probably got a couple of hours with you at the start of the process. That’s when you’re signing up thinking, “Goodness am I getting all the right advice? Do I really know what I’m making this decision at all?” I guess a lot of people are spending anywhere from 50 to 200,000 on their swimming pools.

Nat: Yes. That’s a massive investment.

Lou: By the time you do the landscaping around it which can double the price of your pool like it’s a crazy amount of money. You want to know that you’re making those right decisions from the start.

Nat: 100%. I totally agree with that. Instead of just googling things that you need to find out.

Lou: Yes. Or finding out things halfway through the process when it’s actually too late because you’ve already poured the concrete and you now can’t put in in-floor cleaning.

Nat: That happens a lot.

Lou: You literally can’t do that. It will save you time during a course like this because everything is at your fingertips, but it will also save you money in the process, in the long-term.

Nat: It absolutely would.

Lou: You’re going to love your pool more because you know that you’ve got what you want.

Nat: Yes. It’s actually quite empowering to know that, “Actually I know what I’m talking about now.” You know what I mean? Before you start all those decisions.

Lou: Yes, and you’re sitting down with your pool builder going through that quote. He’s asking you all these questions. You’re like, “No idea.”

Nat: That’s brilliant. Tell me who should actually do this course? Who is it geared towards?

Lou: If you’re thinking about putting in a swimming pool or maybe you’ve got a 1980s swimming pool that needs a bit of a renovation.

Nat: Yes, there are so many of those around.

Lou: Yes. This course is perfect for you because it’s going to save you so much time if you’re busy with all the kids, work and all the things that are going on and your kids are badgering you to get a swimming pool. You know you want one, but you actually want to make sure you’re spending money really wisely, that you’re making those really good decisions.

Nat: That’s so important.

Lou: If that’s the kind of person you’re then you really want to be educating yourself upfront and this is a fantastic way of doing it.

Nat: Yes, I totally agree. If you could tell me what do I see inside the course if I was to sign up?

Lou: You can sign up on your phone or on your laptop. What we’ve done is we’ve interviewed pool industry experts over the last few months. We’ve got 12 at the moment, but it’s growing. We’ve answered all of your questions, that you would ask. For example, just like you went into a showroom and you’re asking someone about your pool heating.

We’ve got a video where we’ve actually asked what are the different types of heating? What is the most appropriate depending on where you live or if you’ve got a spa? Suddenly you can make those really good decisions. When you come into the course, you’ll find 30 of these videos. It’s probably more now, it’s growing all the time.

Nat: That’s huge.

Lou: It will actually take you through the process. You start off by thinking about what are the things that are important to you and your family about your swimming pool? What are the different features and design ideas that you want to incorporate within that pool? All the way through heating and cleaning and tile options and all that kind of stuff, but in different modules. It’s really easy. You can pick and choose which bits you want, you can binge watch it on the weekend on the sofa or you can sit down for 10 minutes here and there.

Nat: That’s so good. It fits in with your lifestyle which a lot of people get quite daunted by a course because it has that appearance of, “Oh, my God I don’t have time for that blah blah blah blah,” but you can do it at your own time. Fit it in wherever even in the car while I’m waiting for soccer training.

Lou: Correct.

Nat: Love it.

Lou: There’s a few other great things in the course. We have lots of additional downloadable materials. Questions for your pool builder, so that you know that you’re asking all the right questions. There’s a spreadsheet listing all of the things that you need to be thinking for your budget, because when you’re talking to your pool builder they’re not actually going to have everything you’re going to have the cost for.

They might not have the fencing in there. They are probably not going to have the landscaping in there. There’s lots of different things that you need to be considering. That spreadsheet allows you then to compare the quotes between your different builders as well-

Nat: Oh, that’s so great because I’m so not tech savvy. That’s awesome.

Lou: -and just plug the numbers in. It’s super easy.

Nat: Oh, I love that. There’s one thing that I want to address, and this is probably the clincher for so many people. I think it’s an absolute no-brainer to actually do this course because of this. Please tell me the value in the vouchers or whatever that you get?

Lou: Upgrades?

Nat: The upgrades that you get with it?

Lou: Everyone that we’ve been talking to through this process have been fantastic. They’ve actually given us upgrades and discounts to anybody who does the course. Once you come in, you actually can just apply for whichever voucher you’re interested in. It’s there for you. It’s actually worth over $5,000.

Nat: Hello, it’s like you’re basically doing–

Lou: A course is less than $500 and you’re saving $5,000. It’s a bit of a no-brainer in my mind.

Nat: That’s ridiculous. Isn’t that awesome? Saving is that good because they are all so excited to be involved. That’s brilliant.

Lou: It’s been fantastic. We’ve had such great support from the local industry. It’s fantastic.

Nat: Oh my gosh. That sounds so good, Lou. Well done.

Lou: Thank you.

Nat: Now, have we covered where you can find this course?

Lou: You can find it online. It’s You can find it in our link. The other thing is if you’ve got any questions on the course, what’s inside it, and how it works, then just put some comments below and I will be happy to answer them. We’ve also set-up a fantastic Q&A Facebook group for the pools course. People can put on the progress of their pool build, their finished products, but also ask lots of questions.

Nat: That’s so good.

Lou: If you’re not quite sure which water or whatever it is that you’re after, put it into the Facebook group and we’ll answer that.

Nat: That’s so good. You’ve got that support and that networking that comes with purchasing the course as well. It’s not just buy the course and see you later. That’s really, really good.

Lou: It’s fantastic. We have ongoing videos as well with all of these pool industry experts. As those questions come out, we’ll add further videos to it, which is great.

Nat: Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you Lou for your time.

Lou: Thank you.

Nat: Thank you so much, everyone for listening, and we shall speak with you soon. Bye.


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